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Hi, I'm Adi D. Goyal. I'm a full-time college student who loves business, psychology, neuroscience,  STEM, stories, cooking, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. 

My mission is to empower people so that they grow in their careers and personal lives.


Welcome to Guru Balance

The first blog that uses neuroscience to TEACH you science that can actually help you be happier and achieve more.

The summer break after senior year of high school, as I ate from a ceramic bowl of yellow lentil soup in the living room, I thought about the last few years. I knew I’d taken classes in biology, physics, and chemistry.


But then I sat up and put the bowl on the table beside me. To my fright, I realized I could remember nothing of what I’d learned. I never used anything from those classes. In just a few months, I'd forgotten everything. All that effort, all that stressing for exams, had apparently been for nothing. 


And so began my fun journey to answer this amazing question: 


How can I teach myself in a way that I learn, remember what I learn, and take action? 


After all, there’s no point in learning something if you’re just going to toss it away and forget about it. 


This question led me to where I am today: using research from psychology and neuroscience to teach people about ways to level up their happiness and success using research from psychology and neuroscience. 

Basically, I teach science you’d actually love to know about and use.


In a way that’s fun and easy for you to LEARN, REMEMBER, and APPLY so that you start getting results right away. 

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