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The big question: why pay attention to my content? /


I’m tired of the same story told by overworked people stuck in a 9-5 job doing what they hate, and who start self-improvement companies where they talk about how they’re done singing Kumbaya to help people with their problems. 


It’s great and all, but there’s an information overload these days. There’s too much out there, and it’s easy to forget what you just learned with the newest personal growth guru always around the corner.

"So..uhh...what made you want to start a website?" /

 I was never the smartest kid at science class. But I loved learning. I hated how most of my science classes barely taught me anything useful. Physics, chemistry, bio. All of them vanished from my mind as soon as I my classes ended.


I wanted something that I knew I could apply EVERY DAY of my life. A science that was practical, even for ordinary people like me who were never Science Fair geniuses.


That’s when I discovered psychology and neuroscience. I read everything I could about them, and still do. I love reading research papers on cognitive neuroscience and socio-behavioral psychology — for FUN. 


But what I really wanted to know was this:

  • What motivates people to learn?

  • What makes learning more enjoyable and memorable?

  • How can one make learning easier?

  • What makes things stick in people’s minds so that they remember what they learn?

  • Most importantly: what moves people to take action?


Figuring these things out has led me to ENJOY learning about topics like genetic engineering, 3D printing, nanotechnology, anatomy, entrepreneurship, leadership, AI, cooking, nutrition, personal finance, and more. Plus, I get so much more out of them. 


I fell in love with books like “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, “Mindset”, and “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”. 


Not only has this research led me to be a better teacher, but it’s also led me to be a better storyteller. Storytelling is a big part of my articles, because it’s proven to be one of the best ways to teach.


Why Guru Balance? /


Apparently, people are feeling  more stressed out  and less happy nowadays (as found in research done by the American Psychological Association and the World Happiness Report). 

I want to lead a well-balanced life, and in the process, help others do so too through this minimialist, wordy, beautiful blog that costs me money. 

Whatever I write, and even the WAY I write, is backed by neuroscience. I want you to learn more, remember more, and take action more. I want to empower you to work towards implementing research-backed strategies and principles that can lead you to personal and career success.


The five areas I cover are financial, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. 


So what the hell's so special about my work? / 


Note: these aren’t your boring, regular blog articles

Some of them are non-fiction. Some are fiction. Think "The Office", if "The Office" were are personal growth show that taught people neuroscience and behavior.


My format’s different. I want to take you on a journey. An adventure to remember. To inspire. To give you the basics. The key concepts. To push you to apply. 

I write about what I’ve learned along the way, what didn’t work, and what I’ve seen others use. I cover different topics each month.

Topics that all help you reinforce a Meditative Lifestyle. 


But I won’t really know whether it’s making a difference until I get feedback. So holla at me if you have suggestions on how to do my job better.

"Hold up. You're still in college! So why do YOU get to teach us about all this?" / 

I’m no guru, by the way. I’ll be honest — I’m just a lowly, full-time college student.  But I love learning and teaching and doing.

A little about me: I’m an active member of the Society for Social Neuroscience (S4SN), the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), and Toastmasters International.


I’ve founded an organization that gives STEM students the skills needed to start and run a business. I also balance time to cook healthy meals, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. 


I’ve screwed up many, many times — and continue to screw up. I’ve made a total fool of myself a lot.


But that just makes me a stronger and wiser person every single day. 


Disclaimer: Don't trust me ALL the time. I make mistakes. I'm smart. But I'm also pretty damn stupid. I have my own adventures to follow. What works for me or others may not work for you. 

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